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Aeroflex Aeroflex
Signal Analyses, Avionics Test, Communications Test, Sythesizers, Microwave Components
Herley Kratos Defense & Security Solutions
General Microwave Control, Custom Microwave Modules, Telemetry, High Power Amplifiers
Storm Products Company Teledyne Storm Products
Low Loss RF Microwave Cable Coaxial Assemblies
Rigol Rigol
Digital oscilloscopes, Function/Waveform Generators, Digital Multimeters, DC Power Supplies, Spectrum Analyzers, RF Signal Generators
Compex Corporation Compex Corporation
Single Layer Chip Capacitors, Row, Multiple Value, Margin, and Step Adjustable Arrays
Comtech PST Comtech PST
World leaders in design, development and manufacturing of solid state high power microwave amplifiers, switches and limiter technology. 10MHz to 18GHz, up to 13KW, Custom and Catalog, Module and Rack.
Eastern OptX, Inc. Eastern OptX, Inc.
Fiber Optics Based: Radar Range Test, Radar Altimeter Test, Programmable RF/mm Wave Delay Lines; State of the Art Phase Noise Test Sets
JFW Industries JFW Industries
Custom and catalog; RF Switches, switched matrix; Attenuation, programmable, manual fixed; Terminations; Power Dividers/combiners; Complete custom test systems, no NRE
Aeroflex Metelics Aeroflex Metelics
SRDs, Tuning Varactors, Switches ...
Millitech Millitech
Specialists in MM Wave to 300 GHz, Custom & Catalog Components, Sub-systems, Antennas, Design and Testing Services


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